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Tools of the Trade

          Cutting Shears: Call them shears or scissors, there's a lot of debate on a proper term, but these are the main tool of the trade and quite an investment (some go for $1300) for a high quality pair that hold their edge between sharpening. There are many different sizes, lengths and styles to fit the person using them and for the job they are performing as well as being comfortable for the user day after day.  These aren't like what you have in your junk drawer at home.

          Thinning Shears: Thinning shears look like scissors with teeth on both blades. As the blades come together it only cuts the area between the teeth mainly to remove bulk. This allows for removal of about 50% of the hair to help thin out, layer or texture the hair without affecting the style.

          Blending Shears: Blending shears look like thinning shears but with one solid blade and one toothed blade and the tooth gap is smaller. The main purpose of the blending shear is to transition from one hair length to another and remove transition lines.

          Vacuum Clippers: We use Wahl Senior commercial clippers. Electric clippers have one stationary comb style blade and one oscillating comb style blade and are essentially electric scissors. One blade moves over the other and cuts the hair at it enters between the blades. Because of friction they are lubricated often. Various plastic guides are placed over the blade to establish a cutting height and come in 1/8" increments. Our clippers are paired with an Aarco vacuum system. As the clippers cut the hair, the clippings are removed by the vacuum system. Why do this? So our customers aren't so itchy after their haircut. It also keeps the salon cleaner.  If for some reason the vacuum is bothersome the clippers will function with the vacuum turned off. This is beneficial for some customers with hearing aids. Fun Fact: A special Wahl clipper connected to a vacuum system was used on the international space station during Expedition 26.     

          Edging Clippers: Similar to a standard clipper in function, edging clippers are smaller and have finer teeth to provide a clean outline to a haircut and for fine detailed work that a standard clipper is too large for.

          General Sanitation: We pride ourselves on providing a clean and safe atmosphere. We clean
throughout the day and adhere to the strict guidelines set by the Nebraska Cosmetology Board and the Nebraska Barber Board.

          Neck Strips: The neck strip is a mandatory sanitation measure every salon/barber shop must use between the neck and cape when the cape is used on multiple customers. A single use towel or cape is also acceptable. Essentially you don't want the cape to touch multiple people's necks, so a disposable neck strip is used versus disposable or single use capes or towels.  

          Sanitizer: The blue liquid, commonly referred to as Barbicide, you see at most every salon or barber shop used to sanitize the tools, combs and brushes. The use of a sanitizer is mandatory!! First the sanitizer must be mixed correctly according to the manufacture's instructions. Be leery if you don't see someone using a measuring cup to ensure the proper sanitizer to water ratio. It's not just supposed to be light blue. To properly sanitize items they must first be cleaned of any hair or debris, then washed in soap and water and rinsed, then fully immersed in sanitizer for 10 minutes, then rinsed and dried. Don't let someone pull an item directly from the sanitizer either before soaking for 10 minutes and/or doesn't rinse it first because they are violating the safety regulations. Sanitizer will melt/soften a comb if left in too long so items need to be rinsed before used on hair. If you see this it should also make you wonder what other sanitation and safety standards they aren't following.

          Cool-Care: This is the spray we use to disinfect and lubricate clippers and shears between customers. We prefer Cool Care because of its 5 benefits: Disinfectant (virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide), cleaner, lubricant, coolant and rust preventer. We do have Cool Care available for purchase.

We are currently looking for antique/vintage barber and cosmetology items to display at the salon. Please contact the owner if you have items you think we may be interested in.       

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