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Hair Care Products
We carry non-diverted professional products
Non-diverted professional products are products only available through licensed salons. You may see non-diverted labeled products outside of licensed salons, however, you are not guaranteed these are the same products sold in licensed salons and therefore put yourself at risk because they are likely knock-offs of lesser quality of unknown origins and unknown chemical composition.

Women's Products
Matrix "Total Results" Family of Products
      Moisture - Dry, Lifeless
                Shampoo - $9
                Conditioner - $9
                Moisture Cure 2-Phase Treatment - $12
        Color Care - Dull, Faded Color
                 Shampoo - $9
                 Conditioner - $9
                 Intensive Mask - $9
                 Miracle Treat 12 lotion spray - $12
                 So Silver Shampoo - $9
         Sleek - Unruly, Frizzy
                 Shampoo - $9
                 Conditioner - $9
                 Blow Down Leave-In Cream - $11.5
                 Iron Smoother - $11.5
                 Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil - $12
         Amplify - Fine, Limp
                 Shampoo - $9
                 Conditioner - $9
                 Foam Volumizer - $11.5
                 Hairspray - $11.5
                 Pro-Forma Hairspray - $11.5
                 Wonder-Boost Root Lifter - $12
         Curl - Frizzy, Uncontrollable Curls
                 Shampoo - $9
                 Conditioner - $9
                 Contouring Lotion - $11.5
                 Super Defrizzer Gel - $12
          Blonde Care - For color treated blonde hair
                 Shampoo - $9
                 Conditioner - $9
                 Flash Filler - $12
                  Spray and Play - $14
                               Flexible, working hairspray that gives incredible volume, lift and shine. It's anti-                               humidity formula is great for everyday use. Medium hold.
                  Spray and Play Harder - $18
                               A volumizing hairspray for all hair types that provides fullness, lift, hold and    
                               shine while protecting against humidity.
Men's Products
       American Crew "Style" Products
         Daily Shampoo
            Stimulating Conditioner
            Firm Hold Styling Gel
            Fiber - $12 3oz
            Forming Cream - $12 3oz
            Pomade - $12 3oz
        Spiker I.C.E Hair Styling Glue
Spiker I.C.E is a water resistant styling glue perfect for styling at the pool. Most popular uses are for rigid styles like mohawks and around the swimming pool. Its called GLUE for a reason!! (Does wash out)

           Cool Care Plus 5 In One Clipper Spray - $13
               Cools, disinfects, lubricates, cleans & prevents rust. An EPA approved disinfectant! Aerosol.
  • Five-in-One formula is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, and rust preventative
  • Get clean, cool, lubricated blades in one easy step without removing them from the clipper!
  • The disinfectant is a virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide
  • Special SureGrip™ sculpted can is easy to hold and the high pressure comfort tip nozzle sprays hair out of the blade teeth

(Product prices and sizes may differ at the salon. Pricing at the salon is the most current and will be used at time of sale. Online ordering not available at this time.)  
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